I wrote this in 2005 and eventually fashioned a little stick animation to go with it. It’s not going to win the Canne Film Festival or anything but I made it into a short animation (to the best of my abilites) for you. It’s about that intense fear I think some men have about long- term relationships, and their desire to avoid anything but the fantasy of casual encounters- which is their choice, of course.  Anyway… Thanks. 🙂


An important thing

which seperates us

from the rest

of the species

on earth is

our ability to construct


You are thinking

of a girl standing

in her fishnet stockings

and heels wearing

a shirt and a school tie

and like light

down a fibreoptic wire

shoots a whole scenario of a relationship-

but where she never wears anything

except that outfit.

You see her standing at the sink washing dishes in it.

You see her brushing her teeth in it.

You see her sleeping on the couch in it.

You see her holding your baby in it.

The fantasy of her

breeds a fiction

which you

want to buy into…

and two

years down the line,

when you

argue about who’s

doing the dishes, argue

about the time

she spends in the bathroom

in the morning,

see her sleeping

on the couch in her slacks,

and hope to god she never has

your baby-

you think back to the original fantasy of her

and pound your

temples with your



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