Are there are no shades of grey anymore?

It’s either right or wrong, up or down. You judge the world from your own dimension -which is usually pretty narrow. In some ways that is the beauty of being a teenager isn’t it? Finding it hard to comprehend other people in relation to you; you in relation to the world- the mystery of the opposite sex? The tantalising fantasy of deep romance you fully believe exists and that every day you are closer to finding it. You probably never worried about it all being a lie; you could never have imagined the ways that chasing it would cause you pain.

So now we all know, right? We’ve all been down those roads. Some of us have had to make about turns, some of us have had to ask directions to the right path and some of us have found exactly where we were travelling toward. It’s that place you’ve probably heard other people talk about, maybe even visited once before- so long ago- like a half forgotten dream. Love; that place where you can leave all your fears behind and float in a sea of possibility, find pleasure in simple geometry. Protecting like a lead bunker or exhilarating like being on top of a mountain.

Some people deny themselves the journey and tell themselves it isn’t worth the hassle, they’re just not brave enough to make a return trip. It’s sad really, they’ve been missing out on so much. Being in love is the best. The end.

One thought on “Love Is The Best

  1. Hmmmm …… a good use of language.
    Romantic philosophy – would that be a fair way to describe it?
    Emotional, not just about lost love, but the shaking off of a powerful dream slipping from the unconscious to the conscious and waking you up from a pleasant daydream
    Ive written this comment twice and some gliche on this buggering computer has made it disappear, I will read again a couple of times and try and make a better comment

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