If Carlsberg could read minds and turn them into blog posts for me…

All That Glitters...Is Glitter

Like it’s supposed to, it was the eclipse that started it.

All the talk about new beginnings and strange happenings passed a cynic like me by, but it was the eclipse that made me do something I’ve never ever done.  The eclipse made me think about something that an ex partner said to me on the day of the 1999 eclipse.  It was quite innocuous in the context of our relationship. It was no doubt horrible, as many people pointed out, but was by no means the worst.

It wasn’t what he said that got me thinking though, it was that I’d never, ever tweeted anything about the bad times of our relationship. Yes, I’d mentioned him and yes many people know it wasn’t an easy relationship to say the least but as for actual specifics on the main timeline, I certainly can’t recall doing it.

Then I realised that…

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